Monday, February 11, 2013

And We're Off

SI has launched Swim Daily, a blog providing "a place where we'll experiment with new ways of creating content." Is it a way to keep pretty girls in our faces all year? Is it a way of bridging the year between the 50th issue and the 50th anniversary issue? Is it a way of putting decent, reputable swimsuit-obsessed blogs out of business?
We shall see! In any case, the photos are up. Have at them!

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Max Headroom said...

When I commented earlier, my "not bad" was geniune optimism, though premature. Having looked at all of Julie's pictures and watched the videos, definitely "meh" now. The overdone glossiness from last year isn't so bad, but still too much airbrushing. And the videos don't have much pizzazz as years past.

I think #13 is my favorite of the lot of Julie's pics. The absolute worst is #30. Though it could have been spectacular. Half of this years are save-worthy, probably three time as many as last year. Julie's awesomeness cannot be totally denied.