Wednesday, February 20, 2013

One-Piece Wednesday: Julie Henderson, 2013

A lot of pretty one-piece suits in this year's issue, as it turns out.
Here's my girl Julie.

I can hardly believe it's Julie's seventh appearance! A lot of hay has been made about the much-beloved Anne V, and her nine consecutive appearances. But Julie is up there too, along with fellow 2007 rookie Irina Shayk.
Those three are the only girls from '07 who are still around. I keep thinking of Julie as one of the newer models, but nope--she's definitely a veteran.

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Max Headroom said...

I know what you mean about Julie still seeming new. My first SI Swimsuit Issue was '98 with the fantastic Heidi Klum cover. So that issue and the models inside are kind of a milestone for me, separating the models that came before from the models that came after.