Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Rookie Reveal #5: Solveig

Today's reveal is Solveig.

Is it dismissive to refer to South Africa Swimsuit as SI's minor league system? A lot of rookies have been called up for their cups of coffee. Here Solveig provides a supplemental One-Piece Wednesday from the 2014 South African swimsuit extravaganza.

Solveig (Mørk Hansen) also joins the ranks of SI girls who've abandoned all or part of their last names.

Vendela (Kirsebom)

Manon (von Gerkan)

Anne V(yalitsyna)

Irina Shayk(hlislamova)

Too much confusion over pronunciation? Maybe. But they look as sweet.

A sharp-eyed commenter pointed out that I completely forgot Adaora (Akubilo).


Anonymous said...

Not to mention Adaora, and Janelle. I might include Carla Maria too - the SI model who is harder to find anything about than any other model from what I can tell.

Swimsuitologist said...

Adaora! I knew there was someone recent I was forgetting.