Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Same Suit, Different Babe-a-Palooza

I wish I knew more about this MTV 2002 swimsuit issue special. I stumbled across these photos from backstage. They’re from the same switcheroo event as this post, where the girls dressed in each others’ swimsuits.

In these shots, they also seem to be recreating some previous covers.

Here you can see Marisa Miller as Judit Masco (1990), Melissa Keller as Tyra Banks (1997), and Annie Morton as Valeria Mazza (1996). (They’re being photographed by Petra Nemcova, no idea if she’s in disguise.)

Chandra North plays Daniela Pestova (1995), Carla Maria plays Tannia Rubiano (1971), Ana Beatriz Barros plays Tyra Banks (1996), Vanessa Lorenzo plays, perhaps, Yamila Diaz (2002).

It’s interesting to see a lot of the same covers that have since gotten additional tributes.

Also, for good measure, Here’s Chandra dressed up as Elsa Benitez.

Looks like quite a party.

In any case, one of the girls being portrayed is Valeria Mazza, who’s 43 today.


Anonymous said...

On the photo where's Chandra as Elsa, there's also Marisa as Daniela Pestova and the african american model as Kylie Bax

Swimsuitologist said...

I had Carla Maria as Ana Beatriz, not Kylie:

But you're right, Kylie wore that same floral bikini as well:

Anonymous said...

I remember this special. It featured the models walking around on a runway while some pop stars of the time performed. In between songs, they showed heavily edited segments of that year's swimsuit dvd special.